What tantra massage means to me: to love the human body.

















What tantra massage means to me: to love the human body.

My name is Dina and I want to briefly tell you how I came to love tantra massage. I am fascinated by the human body because in unison with the soul it forms a perfect expression. I have always enjoyed touching the body with all my senses. With my hands, my skin and hair.

As a tantric therapist I have found my vocation. I dedicate myself to you – preferably men – in my very own way. The closeness that I create is different with every guest. Together we find our own rhythm and fully commit to each other. We get attached for a limited time and I also discover many new things. As you might have realized by now, I pass on a lot but I also receive a lot. After treating you to my tantra massage and moments of complete relaxation I am also a little bit wiser and happier myself.

A unique tantric ritual.

I follow my own philosophy in my tantric practice: I do not keep to a strict ritual. Concerning the sequence of elements, I decide moment by moment and follow my intuition. My love for the human body reliably leads me to my guests’ needs and wishes.

After getting to know you better through the gentle oiling of your entire body, I compose a very individualised body-and-soul experience for you. Thereby, I chose from various tantric elements. I communicate with your via touching and direct contact with your skin. Of course, I also talk to you. We will see how much we talk while we go along. While communicating verbally or non-verbally during the massage, I will find out what you like and what you do not like. Most important to me is that you feel comfortable and at ease. And that we create a wonderful one- to two-and-a-half hours filled with trust, new experiences and sensuality.  To put it short: together we will create divine moments, in which we celebrate your body.


Please respect that I will not engage in any kind of sexual intercourse with you.