Your individualised tantra massage: A tantra massage that incorporates all your wishes – for the divine male inside you.












To help you reach a state of complete relaxation I use various tantric elements.  Next to my hands I use other stimulating and relaxing little helpers.

I decide intuitively which elements I will use for your massage. Always aligned with your wishes so that you and your body can relax completely.

Elements of my tantra massage:

  • Ritual of oiling
  • Stimulating the sense of smell and the body with various scents
  • Touching the entire body
  • Massaging the entire body
  • Lingam massage
  • Prostate massage

My massages take between 90 and 150 minutes – you determine how long you want to relax.


Alluring fragrance oils/aroma oils for your body:

  • Summer fragrances like citrus, mint and coconut
  • Winter fragrances like vanilla and sandalwood

The fragrance oils are gently applied to your erogenous zones and enhance the erotic sensuality experienced by your body and soul.

Playful accessoires for gentle touching:

  • My hair
  • Feathers
  • Silk scarves
  • Pearl beads


What exactly is a tantra massage?

A tantra massage is an harmonious interplay between giving and receiving. Between an active and a passive part. The tantra massage has its origins in the old Indian ritual of the left-handed tantrism: At the core of this ritual is the sensual experience of two people. The massaging person passes on his energy by using his or her whole body. The person being massaged receives the energy and connects it with his or her own body, his or her feelings and immerses in new areas of his or her inner self.

By using gentle touches, which follow the Ying-Yang principle, the body and soul of the person receiving the massage are harmonized.  The entire body is massaged using fragrance oils. Their scents allow the person receiving the massage to escape to other worlds and to relax even deeper. The massaging techniques are chosen so that they both have a stimulating and a relaxing effect. Although the bodies of the massaging person and the person receiving the massage are continuously touching one another, the person receiving the massage is completely within him/herself and with his/her emotions and feelings.

As you might have realised: By experiencing a tantra massage you will get to know yourself and your body in a completely new way. You and your partner will profit from this experience.