Tantra massage – a ritual combining closeness and eroticism.

My name is Dina Tantra and I celebrate you as an individual. With tantra massages that are just as unique as you are. Simply let go and enjoy the combination of touching, closeness and erotic sensuality. I will give you and your body a treat with delicate oils, soft feathers, silk scarves and pearl beads. Let us explore your body and soul with a trantra massage that incorporates your individual needs and wishes and takes place in an atmosphere of trust. Discover your place of sensuality in Munich.

Try it out! I look forward to meeting you.
Yours, Dina.


Erotic touches.

Tantra means connecting. With me you will experience this feeling of connection as a massage ritual which I put together specifically for you using different tantric elements. You will experience new feelings with all of your senses. You will perceive your body in a completely new way. I connect myself with you through my energy. While I dedicate myself fully to you and your body with my hands I treat you to closeness and attention.


Lingam-massage – a sensual combination.


With a tantric lingam massage you will discover feelings that you have never experienced before. Through the interplay of breathing, stimulating and letting go I will let you experience something truly divine. Together with a gentle stimulation of the prostate the lingam massage enables you to experience completely new erotic sensations. Be curious and turn your body into a truly free spirit. Let go and immerse deeper into yourself/the sensation. Because you know, you can trust me.


A place for closeness in Munich.


You can only fully let go if you feel totally at ease with yourself and your surroundings.  During the tantra massage you are supposed to relax completely and at the same time feel encouraged/free to do new things. For this reason I have created a studio that is discrete and warm, a place where you feel both protected and free at the same time. When you leave this place you will feel enhanced by the closeness, the touches and sensual eroticism you have experienced. Does this kind of atmosphere appeal to you? Then I would love to welcome you to my studio in Munich for a(n erotic and) sophisticated tantra massage.